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Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside of the body,

and all skin conditions from psoriasis to acne to aging,

are the manifestations of your body's internal needs,

including its nutritional needs. 

- Dr. G Donadio

Holistic Skin




A one on one visit with an Advanced Skincare Professional.  Offering you guidance and a clear understanding of what your skin type is, products that would be best to support your needs and and how we can support you in spa through the treatments we offer. A deposit is required to book this appointment, which can be used towards product or any treatment of your choice.


15-30 Minutes 


Nature's Basic

This holistic facial elevates our extraction visit into a basic facial where peace, tranquility and the enjoyment of our warm facial beds can be felt. This 45 minute visit does not include any of our therapeutic modalities and solely offers you introductory support with your skin. Cleanse, tone, granular exfoliation, extractions and a wipe off mask to support any underlying skin conditions can be enjoyed within this experience.

*** Safe For Pregnancy


45 Minutes



This is our most desired holistic experience at the Spa. Offering you an infusion of vitamin C, minerals and proteins to keep the skin refreshed, healthy and vibrant. This visit offers you extra steam time, double facial massage and a cooling and soothing seaweed mask that feels completely divine. On top of all the things that we like to keep a secret, your skin will feel healthy, balanced and hydrated after this Experience. 

***Safe For Pregnancy


60 Minutes



We approach extractions differently than most Spas. Utilizing a gel based blend of highly effective, yet gentle ingredients that help soften sebum plugs and dislodge debris deep within the pores. These ingredients funnel into the follicles to break down any unwanted oils. Easing the extraction process, reducing inflammation and minimizing the appearance of textural impurities deep beneath the skin. High Frequency Included.


30 Minutes


Deep Pore

Our Deep Pore Healing Facial offers you an enzyme exfoliation and focuses on a good  deep clean within your pores. Removing the buildup of dead cells, dirt, bacteria, sebum and leaving your skin feeling healthy and radiant. We finish this experience off with our popular cooling hydrojelly mask to help calm and soothe the skin after extractions.

***Safe For Pregnancy


60 Minutes


Youth Balancing

Offering your child support with a 45 minute facial experience which Includes a gentle cleanse + customized exfoliation based on any skin conditions they may be dealing with. Professional extractions are included within this treatment to avoid scaring/hyper pigmentation with a cooling customized mask to help soothe and hydrate. We spend the final 15 minutes educating your child on the importance of a consistent skincare regime as well as how to properly use their products at home.

***Recommended for ages 10-17


60 Minutes


Men's Reviving

Our Men's Reviving Facial is both result driven and therapeutic offering you an enzyme exfoliation. Perfect for sensitive skin and beards, this dissolves the surface of dead skin with the gentle resurfacing properties of pineapple and papaya. These two fruit enzymes are know for their hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits. This visit will help to refine the appearance of enlarged pores for smoother brighter skin. Masculine aromatics, head massage and our popular hydrojelly mask are also included within this visit. 


60 Minutes



A facial for your booty!! This visit offers you support with folliculitis and inflammation within the hair follicles. Supporting your tush with a gel based blend of highly effective, yet gentle ingredients that help soften sebum plugs and dislodge debris deep within the pore. Our focus within this visit is to relieve inflammation within the skin while removing any dead cell material so the body can naturally heal itself. 

***Safe For Pregnancy


60 Minutes



This experience focuses on an area that can be a struggle to reach ourselves. Offering you support with inflammation trapped within the hair follicles by using a  blend of highly effective, yet gentle ingredients that help soften sebum plugs and dislodge debris deep within the pore. Utilizing an enzyme exfoliation to slough off any dead cells, dirt, bacteria and allowing for that area to begin healing. Finishing with high frequency and a customized mask based on the support that is needed. 

*** Safe For Pregnancy


60 Minutes



This Experience is an non- invasive approach that uses a diamond tip along with suction to help remove any build up of dead cells or bacteria from the top layer of skin. Incorporating Cold Fusion Therapy, Vitamin Infusion and finishing with our ever so popular hydrojelly mask.



60 Minutes



A manual way of exfoliation by removing dead cells and peach fuzz from the top layer of the skin. This treatment will leave your skin oh so smooth and buttery soft. Providing you with deeper product penetration, smoothing out fine lines and leaving the skin looking bright and radiant.

***Safe For Pregnancy


60 Minutes

Fern Leaves

"I can’t begin to describe my experience and how I’m feeling . I went in with my assumptions of what a “facial” could or should be like, but it ended up being so much more . It was peaceful , it was tranquil , it was emotional, it was safe. I’ve never been so at ease with myself . I feel like I left every struggle and worry on that table when I left . This just goes to show that’s it’s much more then just cosmetic , it’s about having the outside match the inside . Thanks to Jesyka Hempsey I can confidently stand here today infront of you all without makeup on and say ... for today .. I feel beautiful."

A. Holman 

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