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At Nature's Clarity Skincare, we pride ourselves in offering the best care for our Guests. Please make yourself aware of our Company Policies prior to booking your Experience. 

Skin Consultation Policy

Our Skin Consultations offer you  It is a time where you have us 1 on 1 to ask those burning questions and to fully tap into the knowledge that we each hold when it comes to this complex organ.


Our knowledge comes from countless hours inside of classrooms. Diving deep into curriculum that went beyond what we were taught in class simply because we longed to know more. It comes from our passion to push ourselves so we can stay up to date with our industry and knowing the most effective way to support specific skin conditions. It stems from us wanting to provide you the BEST experience and most IMPACTFUL results when you are in our hands.


We choose to share this knowledge with you with no compensation because we care about you. ❤


This time is so valuable and it needs to be respected just like any of our other Experiences.


If you choose to not give us the proper 24 hour Cancellation that we have in place, a $20 charge will be added to your account. This will need to be cleared from your file prior to booking another visit. 

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. A late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in the therapists' day that could have been filled by another Guest.


As such, we require 24 hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. 

Guests who provide less than 24 hours notice, or miss their appointment, will be charged a cancellation fee of: 

- 50% of the Visit booked for giving under 24 hours notice.
-100% of the Visit booked for No Showing.

Late Policy 

If you are less than 10 minutes late for an appointment, your treatment will end on time so that the next appointment may begin as scheduled. Should this happen, your Experience will be charged in full. Anything that is beyond 10 minutes impacts our schedule and the protocol within that facial experience. Should this happen, your Experience will be charged in full and you will be asked to reschedule.

In Spa Return Policy

While our goal at Nature's Clarity is to make sure our product recommendations will work for you, sometimes your skin might not react as expected. We work with our Guests to choose the best products based on their skincare needs.


If you have received a skincare consultation or treatment from Nature's Clarity and if you are not happy with your purchase, we welcome returns on slightly used product within 14 days of your original purchase. You may choose another product or get a full refund in the form of a Spa credit that will be added to your Jane Account. Cash back is not available. 


However, if you have not received a treatment or complimentary consultation from Nature's Clarity prior to purchasing a product, any and all returns will not be accepted. 

Online Retail Policy

All online purchases are Final Sale.


Please note, if ordering online, be mindful of what you are purchasing and if it is right for your skin.

Should you have any Questions, please connect with someone on our Team prior to purchase. 





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