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"Facials are my biggest beauty indulgence. Looking good is about

having a good base. It's about taking care of your skin"

- Halle Berry



Warm Paraffin Therapy Enhancement

This soothing and therapeutic enhancement brings you benefit by removing dead skin cells, aiding in moisture and even boosting those moisture levels after you visit is complete. Paraffin Therapy can be added to any of our Spa Experiences to bring you cosmetic support and extra peace and relaxation within your visit.

Hands OR Feet


Hands AND Feet



Lip Love Enhancement

Exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate your lips with the help of our Lip Love Treatment. Using a Whipped Lip Scrub that is made with a  vegan base, natural cane sugars, pink grapefruit and lemongrass essential oils. It is refreshing as it is soothing. Removing dead skin and repairing chapped, dry lips. Following with a soft masque, that applies like ‘frosting,’ and sealing in all that moisture with a beautiful lip balm to finish. It's the perfect little addition to our Signature Facial Treatments.



15 Minute Scalp Massage

It's one of the most favorite parts to our facials and you now have the opportunity to add more time!!! 

15 minutes of pure bliss and such a complete tension release through your whole body. 

Looking to elevate your Lash Lift + Tint into something more relaxing? Add on a 15 minute scalp massage. We promise you will be in complete heaven! 



Cooling Hand Mask Enhancement

Utilizing botanical extract and antioxidant rich ingredients with Argan Oil from Morocco. Paired with cozy hand mittens and soothing warm towels to remove. Your hands will feel completely hydrated and buttery smooth.






Lifting Eye Treatment

Sooth the delicate eye area with natural ingredients like aloe, cucumber and chamomile to diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. The perfect addition to any of our treatments.



15 Minute Massage



Who wouldn't want extra massage time within their Visit!! 

A beautiful addition to any Facial, Manicure or Pedicure. 


Fern Leaves

"I can’t begin to describe my experience and how I’m feeling . I went in with my assumptions of what a “facial” could or should be like, but it ended up being so much more . It was peaceful , it was tranquil , it was emotional, it was safe. I’ve never been so at ease with myself . I feel like I left every struggle and worry on that table when I left . This just goes to show that’s it’s much more then just cosmetic , it’s about having the outside match the inside . Thanks to Jesyka Hempsey I can confidently stand here today infront of you all without makeup on and say ... for today .. I feel beautiful."

A. Holman 

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